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A project entitled “The Study on Quality and Productivity Improvement (Kaizen) in the Federal Republic of Ethiopia in 2005” Three consecutive Kaizen projects, supported by JICA, have been implemented in Ethiopia since October 2009.The first pilot project was undertaken to confirm the transferability of Kaizen and study how use of the concept could be expanded after the JICA project was completed. Using selection criteria 30 companies were selected from manufacturing sector and the impact of Kaizen activity on 65% of the companies constitutes satisfactory achievement, thereby confirming the success of the project. Then Ethiopia Kaizen Institute was established by the proclamation of the Council of Ministers 256/2011 (FDRE 2011).

Ethiopia designed its own local capacity-development program in collaboration with local universities, and KEC initiated MSc and PhD programs in Kaizen and so far 5 doctoral candidates are started coursework, 69 Kaizen consultants from the institute have now graduated with MSc degrees in Kaizen for the past five years. To raise the level of Kaizen dissemination to certain standard level and to ensure the quality of Kaizen consultancy service, the kaizen consultant certification, accreditation and registration system (CARs) is established and so far 47 peoples are certified (27 are kaizen consultants & 21 regional and private consultant).
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Mission, Vision and Policy Goal of EKI

Ensuring the competitiveness capability of manufacturing and service industries by implementing problem and research based Kaizen training and consultancy.

Becoming the preferred center of capacity building for quality, productivity and business capability in Africa by 2030.

The policy goal of EKI is to contribute in realizing national prosperity plan through sustainable development and competitiveness enhancement of manufacturing and service industries by application of Kaizen -continual improvement of quality, productivity and working culture.

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Our Services

Training And Consultancy

Ethiopian Kaizen Institute is providing trainings and consultancy service to industries; SMEs service providers, local governments and other stake holders

Research And Best Practices

Conducting research and disseminating best practice in the area of quality and productivity improvement are also the core activities EKI

Award and Accreditation

 Audit, Reward, and Certification are also among the major services of Ethiopian Kaizen Institute.

Our Core Values

Ethiopian Kaizen Institute is committed to providing our services to the right time to the right organizations with right quality of services !!

Explore Recent Work

Based on EKI’s new approach Ethio-Engineering Group (EEG, former METEC) is the first customer to introduce ‘Problem-Led Kaizen Implementation’ project. The project commenced in July 2020 and will hold for a year. Since EEG has passed through organizational change, Kaizen will foster the effort to enhance the company’s competitiveness and sustainability


Our Achievements

The achievements of Ethiopian Kaizen can be viewed as by the three JICA-supported projects and EKI’s own efforts. In figure 1 there cannot be basis for comparison whether the score of total companies reaches is high or not. However, the figure shows the total number of companies get hold of is more than four hundred, classified under 13 sub sectors and also the numbers for some sectors such as tourism are grown-up starting from 2008E.C it means the time after reformation the organizational structure.

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የኢትዮጵያ ካይዘን ሽልማት የውድድር ጥሪ

August 24th, 2022|

የካይዘን ልህቀት ማዕከል የካይዘን ፍልስፍናን ተግብረው በምዘና የላቀ ውጤት ለሚያስመዘግቡ ተቋማት፣ ቡድኖችን እና ግለሰቦች “የኢትዮጵያ ካይዘን ሽልማት” በሚል በየአመቱ የዕውቅና እና ሽልማት ሰነ-ስረዓት ያከናውናል፡፡ ስለሆነም ፍልስፍናውን ተግብራቹ ውጤት ማስመዝገብ የቻላችሁ ተቋማት፣ ቡድኖች እና ግለሰቦች መመዝገብ [...]

EKI has put Kaizen Management Information system (KMIS) in effect.

January 14th, 2021|

Ethiopia Kaizen Institute has put Kaizen Management Information system (KMIS) in effect. Kaizen Management Information System has been design and developed internally by the Institute Information Technology directorate’s IT consultants together with its [...]


Our Customers Say

Kazen shows us that we can solve our problems in a scientific way.

Ato Magabiaw Tassew - The Director General of the Amhara National Regional State Public Enterprises Support and Monitoring Authority Amhara National Regional State Public Enterprises Support and Monitoring Authority

With Kaizen Philosophy and Ethiopian Kaizen Institute support we could get peace of mind and contentment learned how to work and saved more than 23 million birr from wastes.

Tessema Fotte, Director General of Maritime Transport and Logistics Service Enterprise

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