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Audit, Reward, and Certification

 Audit, Reward, and Certification are also among the major services of Ethiopian Kaizen Institute. In providing these services the Institute`s Auditing, Reward, and Certification Sector is mandated to:

  • Provide Kaizen implementation audit services
  • Recognize /give kaizen award for organization, Kaizen team and individuals that have excelled in Kaizen implementation by comparing with the established standard and criteria.
  • Certifying Kaizen consultants
  • Renew the competency certificate by evaluating the services provided by Kaizen consultants.

Research and Best practice

In addition to training and consultancy service, conducting research and disseminating best practice in the area of quality and productivity improvement are also the core activities EKI.

Conforming to the needs and priority of the nation, as well as EKI’s mission and vision, an integrated and cross-disciplinary way the following issues may broadly constitute some, but not all, of the focus areas of identifying research themes.

  • Transforming the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industries through Kaizen management philosophy.
  • Improving Human Resource Development through Kaizen management philosophy in Ethiopia.
  • Improving the Quality of Service Sector through Kaizen management philosophy.
  • Enhancing the National Productivity.

Trusted Partners

Bridging the Gap in Expertise and Knowledge we believe partnership and cooperation play gigantic role .