Do You Want to improve the quality and productivity your industry ?

Training & Consultancy

Ethiopian Kaizen Institute is providing trainings and consultancy service to industries; SMEs service providers, local governments and other stakeholders to improve their service/product quality and productivity and to be competitive in local and international markets.

Regarding the contents of the training, EKI mainly focus on:

  • Kaizen overview
  • Waste identification and elimination
  • Work place standardization (5S)
  • Quality control circles and simple problem solving techniques
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Total Quality management
  • Toyota production system
  • Total productive maintenance
  • Basic IE (Work study, motion study, time study)
  • Seven quality control tools (7QCC)

Not all business and management issues can be addressed by training alone. Some problems might involve greater complexities, or client organizations may face deep-seated issues in department wide. Such cases require a more hands-on approach in the form of a tailored consulting service.

EKI’s consultants are more than just training experts. They are active business and management professionals who have successfully delivered numerous consultancy projects all over the country.

Trusted Partners

Bridging the Gap in Expertise and Knowledge we believe partnership and cooperation play gigantic role .